About Me

Hi Everyone, I’m Misty Avila.

I have 10 years experience serving nonprofit organizations as a community organizer, international facilitator, nonprofit director, and on several capacity building initiatives. Throughout my work, I advocate to support young people and help foster the growth of emerging leaders. I want nonprofit staff, organizations, and communities to have the opportunity and backing to explore and realize their own vision(s).

From Fresno to Jakarta, I spent a few years traveling to communities across 11 countries to design and facilitate participatory events and workshops. I was program curator for the annual Mozilla Festival in London, facilitator of the CA Leadership Summit in Bakersfield, and part of the facilitator team for Open Cambodia in Sihanoukville. I’m grateful to connect with local and global social justice efforts including community health, immigration, reproductive justice, women in technology, youth media, data ethics, and technology. See a list of events here.

In an on-demand basis, I provide support to help nonprofits with program strategy, grant writing, communications, facilitation, or development of new program initiatives/teams. You are always welcome to reach out to have a conversation, and I am happy to help connect you with other resources/ people that might be useful for your specific need.

More than anything, I am grateful for my time as program director of Aspiration. Aspiration helps nonprofits and activists leverage online technology. From 2011 – 2015, I developed the California Central Valley eAdvocacy program and Statewide Capacity Building Network working to address the specific tech needs in the Central Valley of California. We helped people with technology. In reality, our work evolved into so many other things as technology often leads to helping people tell their meaningful stories and can be used to amplify critical voices. From there, we created the California Nonprofit Technology Festivals across California, the state-wide, participant driven gathering where nonprofit staff share knowledge and support emerging technology leadership in communities.

Paperamor is my side project exploring the intersection of food and identity. I dance yearly with Latin Dance Grooves in the San Francisco Carnaval Parade in the heart of the Mission District.

I love to chat about supporting people and communities, understanding technology, and preserving culture. Sometimes I am sparked by a thread of a conversation that intersects all three in a rich way that can only be felt, but so hard to describe. I search for these moments.

You can find me on Twitter @mistavila.

Thank you,