Misty Avila is the admin officer for UC Davis Division of Continuing and Professional Education which develops lifelong learning programs that serve nontraditional and professional learners and creates pathways for community access to university resources. At UC Davis, Misty also managed a Health Sciences academic portfolio for working professionals. She currently serves on the board of Aspiration, a nonprofit technology organization, since 2019. Prior, she served as program director for Aspiration collaborating with community organizations to identify emerging leaders in social justice and technology and to support technology capacity building efforts. Misty formed the Central Valley eAdvocacy Capacity Building Program and statewide network to increase technology capacity and resources for underserved nonprofits in California’s Central Valley. She instructed workshops and developed communications and technology training materials tailored to grassroots efforts including immigration reform, human rights, youth media and community health. Misty has trained and delivered the Aspiration participatory facilitation methodology for the design and delivery of interactive strategic technology events around the globe. Her favorite experiences include Open Cambodia 2014, the SEATTI Participatory Budget Convening in Indonesia, the RYSE Youth eAdvocacy training series in Richmond, CA, workshops at the Allied Media Conference in Detroit, and as program curator for Mozilla’s largest public facing event, the Mozilla Festival, in London. Misty enjoys participating in the annual Carnaval in San Francisco part of Latin Dance Grooves and advocating for systems change led by youth voice.

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